Pillars of eternity 3 0 builds

Pillars of eternity 3 0 builds

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Pillars of Eternity Store Page. Global Achievements. I'm returning after a few months of down time. I'm half way through the game trying to remember where I left off. I have a level 9 wizard and thinking about respeccing.

Just trying to figure out what would be the best route to go. Any certain builds I should be following, where should I stick my attributes? Right now, im 18 10 10 17 18 4. Showing 1 - 15 of 28 comments. Your Steam profile shows activity from April The game has been changed afterwards, including changes to the attributes. Do you still remember why you've chosen such a low RES 4? It reduces your wizard's low Deflection defense even further and also gives you fewer options during conversation to resolve something.

What else? No specific builds are needed to finish the game. If you compare yourself to Aloth, he's got 12 10 11 16 16 13 and is a capable and versatile wizard. A high MIG 18 isn't needed for damage spells. Originally posted by D'amarr from Darshiva :.Welcome to the new and updated list of current builds from these boards.

Each of the eleven classes in the game is listed below in alphabetical order, with each build listed alphabetically underneath. If anyone tested any of these builds for solo play and would like their experience to be reflected in this thread, please PM me or Tigranes specifying the build you used, the difficulty you tried, and whether you could beat the game.

Similarly, if you want your build's descriptor updated, contact us with the updated descriptor. If your build is missing, please PM me or Tigranes with the relevant information link, descriptor, game version, solo play and we will add it.

Author: The user who made the build. Solo: Whether the build is suitable for solo play. Author: Braven Game version: 3. Cauterizer, The. Author: Boeroer Game version: 3. Golden Dragon, The. Leech, The Time bandit tank. Author: Boeroer Game version: 2. Author : MountainTiger Game version : 3. Trashman, The. Author: Odd Hermit Game version: 3. Very Annoying Barbarian, The. Author: kungapa Game version: 3. Drake Ambassador, The Searing and mesmerizing Chanter tank. Gunslinger, The.

Author: Jojobobo Game version: 3. NOTE: Retaliation no longer generates focus as of 3. Speedo Ranged frenzied maniac. Author: ottffsse Game version: 3. Author: AndreaColombo Game version: 3. Author: L4wlight Game version: 3.

pillars of eternity 3 0 builds

Available in four five variants: 0-recoveryLord of the CritsHulk Smash! Author: AndreaColombo Game version: 2. Unstoppable Wave, The. Author: Elric Galad Game version: 3. Anvil, The. Ascetic, The The rules of this build are quite harsh. You are not allowed to use any items except for consumables. Author: Harpagornis Game version: 3.

Works for Zahua as well. Author: KDubya Game version: 2.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Install Steam. Store Page. Pillars of Eternity Store Page. Global Achievements. What is currently considered the most OP build? So, I'm looking for a fun, OP build to dive in with. Last edited by SideWinder98 ; 10 Oct, pm.

Showing 1 - 15 of 42 comments. There are a lot of parties that do well on the highest difficulty setting. The best party has a mix of different functions, but probably has at least: a character who can tank for about 10s, a priest, and enough CC to immobilize a dangerous target long enough to kill it. It works well but there is a lot of micromanagment since you want to chain CC abilities so that the enemy never has a chance to act. There are a few broken items that can help certain characters do well, a high intellect Barbarian can do well with the spear Tall Grass as can a Ranger with the bow Stormcaller.

Adacanavar View Profile View Posts. Dexterity is pointless so really you can lower it as far as it will go that will give you plenty of points to spend in whichever stats you want to make your build better. For a tank you want max resolve, constitution, and as far up as you can get your preception. After lowering dex its all about play style currently I am running a fighter almost to the end of act 2 solo on hard I run into problems in stun locking combat but really thats the only thing that slows me down.

He has 20 max might 3 dex 15 con 10 per 12 int and 16 resolve. Really this game is easy with the correct character build and appropriate strategy I have also respeced him on talents and abilities from time to time because sometimes like at the start of the game certain abilites are better for getting through to level 6 solo than others. Pfft Spiritshifting druid is most powerful melee build now.

Pillars of Eternity Character Creation Guide

Originally posted by SideWinder98 :.Hey guys, I had an idea for a Cipher dps build for 3. Hoping the more experienced builders could critique this and let me know if you think it would work well.

Thanks for the help. The general idea is to dual wield Drawn in Spring and Spelltongue. Does spelltongue work for keeping up the buffs from cipher powers? If so I would build for fast attacking and rely on soul whip and the buffs to compensate for fast 1h weapons.

For potd I almost always do ranged control ciphers can certainly give you tips if you go that way, btw where do I find ryhons vambraces? I feel like control ciphers will not work nearly as good with the increased focus costs.

pillars of eternity 3 0 builds

This idea was around a primary dps char. If you look more closely at cipher changes, you'll see most of their single target CC have been buffed whisper of treason, mental binding, puppetmaster, silent scream. Only their high level AoE CC amplified wave and mind plague have really been nerfed. But ringleader seems still very powerful. More precisely specialized in Critical Damages. The idea is to create a Hearth Orlan Watcher Cipher, to get Doemenels' talent, Dungeon delver award, one handed durgan-refined Purgatory Saber, which leads to :.

Also as for the CC topic, I'm not saying my Cipher would never use CC abilities, but it would not be the primary focus. I basically never run without a wizard and priest so they would handle most CC and let the Cipher focus on self-buffing and putting out the dps.

Yes, if you cure the dragon you can still kill it afterwards. Also if you walk away after curing it and come back later. Alpine Dragon. It's actually part Husky, part Dragon. Plays a mean game of fetch.

Also nice to cuddle with on cold nights in the March. Spell check hates me mentioned to say draggie. Forever is.While this has propelled Pillars of Eternity to immediate success and made it wildly popular, it does present some issues even for veterans of the genre.

PIllars of Eternity - Character Creation Min-Max Guide - Barbarian (Wrecking Ball) + Combat Demo

Without being able to rely on their knowledge of pen and paper RPGs, even experts of games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale are finding themselves a little confused. Well, fret no more adventurer -- we're here to explain all of the nuts and bolts of the character creation system and help you make the best character to fit your desired playstyle, whether that's sneaking, charming, or smashing your way to victory.

Races There are six playable races -- referred to in-universe as 'Kith' -- and Obsidian has done a pretty bang-up job of keeping them balanced.

They all have varying stat bonuses and racial abilities, but there's nothing stopping you from making a savage Elven Barbarian or a hulking Aumaua Rogue. Your race will impact some dialogue options and character interactions, but not as much as your culture and background do. The most common of the races in Pillars of Eternity, humans are well-suited for any role. Their bonuses to Resolve and Might make them strong picks for damage dealers or tanks, and their bonus ability is a good choice for any character.

Paladins, Monks, and Barbarians are best suited to make use of a human's stats and abilities. Aumaua are enormous water-loving humanoids, and the strongest of the races in Eora. The significant Might bonus makes Aumaua great picks for any kind of damage dealer, though the sub-racial abilities tend to be more helpful for front-line warriors and martial combatants.

Aumaua make great Barbarians, Fighters, Paladins, and Chanters. Sub-races: Aumaua sub-racial abilities aren't as universal as some other racial bonuses, but they're powerful in their own way. Towering Physique can be a crucial bonus for tanks and melee combatants and Armed to the Teeth is very useful for adapting to combat situations or cheesing the game with as many loaded Arquebuses as you can carry, if that's your thing.

Short but sturdy, Dwarves are natural explorers and a great choice for any hardy adventurer. Their racial bonuses are a great fit for any warrior or martial combatant, but they also make excellent Priests and Chanters, since neither class relies heavily on Dexterity. Both Dwarf subraces have abilities that are specific, but useful, to certain classes -- Hale and Hardy makes Mountain Dwarves a good pick for tanks and melee fighters, and Hunter's Instincts can help casters, ranged classes, and DPS be more effective in some difficult fights.

Not quite as populous as Humans, Elves are the second most common race you're going to encounter in the Dyrwood. Their stat bonuses and racial abilities make them well-suited for just about any class, but they are especially adept at ranged combat. Sub-races: Accuracy bonuses are very rare in Pillars of Eternityso if you're building an archer or gunner and want the best mechanical option, a Wood Elf is hard to beat.

Some of the toughest enemies in the game deal frost and fire damage, making Pale Elves a very strong choice for tanks. Small, quick-witted, and with huge furry ears, Orlans are definitely cut from a different cloth, but their stat bonuses and racial abilities make them pretty well suited for a wide variety of adventuring roles. Orlans, despite being a small, can also make great tanks and damage dealers.

Sub-races: It might not seem like much, but a critical bonus like the one that Hearth Orlans recieve is significant, and makes Orlans surprisingly dangerous in combat. The defense bonus that Wild Orlans recieve after being subjected to a will attack is nothing to shake a stick at either.

Probably Obsidian's most unique new race, Godlike are offspring who have taken on aspects of the gods.Now is a great time to clarify this because there will be no more meaningful patches and the game is completely end stage and a lot of people have finished playing it.

With Minor Avatar activated your buffs and debuffs are also super charged and Abydons Hammer will give you something like a 20 sec area of affect stun that can be used per encounter. This is my No. The only problem with it is when you encounter enemies with a high burn DR although you will be dealing such huge amounts of damage you will usually punch through the DR anyway.

It can be argued that they are more powerful then the Fire Priest because they are more versatile. High Dex, Perception, sneak attacks, deathblows, dirty fighting, viscous fighting, dual wield durganized Wetoki and Starcaller and everything else doesn't really matter. The on crit stun and prone will chain lock and render any opponent obsolete.

On top of this you will be dishing out unparralled damage. The only class capable of going invisible then flanking your oponents rear to take out there casters. A high intelligence fighter is the better tank with unbending and unbroken but the paladin can get all defensive stats up super high Will, Fort, Reflex and even gain immunities to charms ect with there high level paladin powers.

Self Immolation is over rated and not that usefull at high levels. Fighter can be quite boring to play over all.

Single weapon and small shield is the best way to build them. The best thing they have going for them is Relentless Storm but the game just becomes and absolute yawn fest if you chain cast it. Enter combat cast storms, enter combat cast storms, enter combat cast storms, it just goes on and on and I try and avoid using druids for this reason. Great fun class Obsidian did an awesome just creating it out of nothing. Dragon thrashed is good. Now this is one class I put my heart and soul into trying to make them work.

An analysis of the Barbarian will tell you they could be built effectively to take advantage of carnage and on crit weapons that stun prone. When built like this the on hit effect simply do not go off often enough to make it worth it. So hard to crit with carnage and the barbs have a low accuracry base regardless.

Barbs can do a lot of damage with carnage but the damage is not dished out effectively eg you will be slowly chipping away with small damage amounts to groups of enemies while they stand around and cut you down unlike a rogue who will take enemies down one by one therefore creating less enemies to strike back. HOF is great and insane fun. If we look by amount of total damage a character can dish out in s, fire priest is indeed 1. If we look by amount of lazy per-encounter damage, than chanter, barbarian and cipher would get higher.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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pillars of eternity 3 0 builds

Install Steam. Store Page. Pillars of Eternity Store Page. Global Achievements. Looking to see if there is any Fighter setups out there that draw mainly on offence rather than defence or support, I'm currently leaning towards 2h weapons but just want some advice on what skills to choose to maximize dps. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Drake View Profile View Posts. Pick savage attack modal, all the fighter masteries for your weapon on top of the general masteries and weapon styles and bloody slaugther.

That should do the trick. Khyron View Profile View Posts. Most of the modal styles and such have too many penalties to be worth it, imo. Just beating things with a 2H with written setup there will tear through anything. I finished the game with a fighter build like this, and it was extremely efficient.

Only a Cipher companion came close to my dps and that required a lot more in-combat management of the cipher. Shrapnel View Profile View Posts. I've set him up pretty weak to be honest, Might being at the top it's listen like like: 13 14 12 14 11 14 Think it's worth rolling again or just keep plowing through, I assumt it's like DnD in the sense that at a certain level I can add to the base skills? Might be best to reroll tbh. I've only just got the stronghold so I won't have that much to do.

Last edited by Derek Branning ; 31 Mar, am.

pillars of eternity 3 0 builds

What do you reckon would be the best, getting DEX up to 14, maybe remove one from Strength and get that to 16? That's it, no hocus pocus.

Most abilities need 14 or more to be worth anything in dialogue.


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